_i_have_Special_needs_picWe're Signe and Elizabeth, two sisters with special needs families.  Our kids have issues, so do our parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles - all the way up the family tree. For a long time we marveled at how the special needs skipped us, but at some point we realized that we had issues too.  We try to balance our children's special needs with their typical kids' wants, with varying results. We all have our good days and not so good days, and a few worthy of a "Cops" episode. But we keep going, and we keep writing.

Do Not Be Afraid of Small Spaces
Mommy Thoughts
When comparing large spaces to small spaces, many people agree that is is way more difficult to decorate small spaces without making them feel even smaller. When there is less space to work with, it is easy to make small spaces feel cluttered and messy even when everything has actually a place. Tiny apartments and condos are common residences, especially in big cities and college towns, and interior decorating poses as a common challenge for most people who are living in them. Perhaps the most difficult task of decorating small spaces is making them feel like a home instead of a storage closet. There are several homes that also have smaller rooms that create a challenge when it comes to decorating. Decorating techniques for small spaces Glamour living gives several suggestions for people who face the difficult task of decorating their small apartments, condos, or rooms. One important key is to keep everything simple. Lots of decor, furniture, and even colors can make an already small space feel even tinier resulting in a feeling of claustrophobia instead of comfort. Decorating small areas can be fun and can take less time than you might think. Sticking to these techniques as a guide will help make this daunting task an enjoyable experience. Interior Decorating and Remodeling News brought to you by BaseBoardRadiatorCover.com Source: glamour.com/home/blog/toast/2014/07/furniture-tips-6-ways-to-make.html  
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Redefining a Normal Family, One Diagnosis at a Time
Autism Spectrum Issues
In honor of Autism Month, I have put together a few observations that I would have liked tattooed on my arm a decade ago, when our kids started averaging a new diagnosis every week.  Our children are now ages 13, 11, and 9 and life is much easier than it was back then. Though we still struggle with balancing their autism, autoimmune and attention needs with their typical kids’ wants and dreams, we are a normal family. A typical, slightly annoying, committed, loving family.          
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   We grew up in the country 15 miles east of Bismarck, North Dakota.  We didn't get to town much, so then, as now, we were each other's best friends.